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Fire & Emergency Services, Govt. Of West Bengal

Procedure for Issue of Fire Safety Certificate for High Rise

Procedure for Issue of Fire Safety Certificate for High Rise/ High Risk Buildings:
Sl No. Area Details
1 Objective To ensure that the building are built and maintained with adequate safe guards to prevents the occurrence of fire or to contains fire occurring in a high risk buildings as defined under section2(hb) of West Bengal Fire Services Act 1950. This includes all high rise buildings greater than 14.5 meter in height and buildings as notified in notification no. 279/DS/FS/O/C-1/FIA-3196 dated 8th July, 2003
2 Regulation Section 11C of the Act provides for the issue of the Fire Safety Certificate for a high risk building 
3 Competent Authority
  1. Director General Fire and Emergency Services – for South Bengal Districts [Fire Brigade Headquarters at 13D Mirza Ghalib Street Kolkata -700016 (PH- 033-22252222-8)
  2. Deputy Director  Fire Services,  – for application of North Bengal Districts[Malda, U Dinjapur, D Dinjapur, Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Cooch Behar, Alipurduar) –Siliguri Fire Station Complex, Station Feeder Road, Siliguri PH-0353-2502222/1867
4 Processing Time  60days
5 Application Form Application to be filled online through official website of Fire and Emergency Services Dept. [https://wbfes.gov.in/wbfes/] or State Service Delivery  Gateway(SSDG) of Government of West Bengal   [ https://eservices.wb.gov.in/]   
6 Fess and mode of payments On line payments of fees
7 Documents required for online application a) Copy of Check list against FSR issued by the Authority
b) Copy of approved FSR/RFSR
8 Application Procedure Step-1Click on ‘Application for Fire Safety Certificate’. Login and then click the radio button named “Work on Saved/Submitted FSR” and Choose “Submitted in online mode” to work on the applications which are submitted through online.
Step-2  Click on “View Details” to open the dashboard for a particular Application. Click on “Apply Online” button to open the form of “application for Fire Safety Certificate.”
Step-3Filled up form by the applicant will be opened and applicant can edit the filled up form by clicking on “Edit” button. Fill up “Status” field for recommendation. Click on “Save and Next” to open the next pages of form.
Step-4The final page will come with Documents (Key Plan, Site Plan etc.) already uploaded by the applicant. Save will lead to the view page with the details entered in the form as well as the documents uploaded, so that the entries can be verified. The entered e-Form gets saved at this stage.
Step-5Click on “Save and Submit” button. After that view page will be opened. In the view page, you can review the uploaded information and documents, further to ensure that all the required fields are filled up. Applicant can click on “Print Application” button to print the application.
Step-6 After the successful submission by clicking the “Submit” button, the filled up e-Form will be forwarded for further process to the Department/Directorate. Applicant will get “Unique Application ID” and a dash Board will be appeared to the applicant. Click the “Close” button to close the view page & go back to the service Dashboard page.
Step-7 After submitting the application form, applicant can also track the application processing and able to access further processes from the same dashboard following the same steps i.e. click on “Work on Saved/Submitted FSR” then “Submitted Application” and then Choose “Submitted in online mode” Click on “View Details” to open the dashboard for a particular Application. Click on “View Submitted Application” to check the application data. Click on “View Detailed Status” to check the particulars of application processing in the Department.
Step-8After compliance of issued FSR or RFSR by the applicant, inspection will be conducted by an Officer not below the rank of Station Officer of Fire Station. Department will issue the FSC valid for one year and in “Download” column of dashboard “Download Certificate” button will come. Click on “Download Certificate” to download the Fire Safety Certificate
9 Departmental Procedure to Process  Application  
Step 1On received of application form, the system will automatically forward it to the competent DFO depending on mentioned site district and property details.
Step 2DFO will forward the application to the Head Assistant after   assigning an inspecting officer.
Step 3Head Assistant will prepare a manual file and send the application to the concerned inspecting officer.
Step 4Inspecting officer will conduct necessary inspection of the building after notifying the applicant and prepare an inspection report based on the inspection. Inspector will upload and save the inspection report and will recommend for issue of Fire Safety Certificate if satisfied with the existing life and fire safety measures as per the previously issued FSR in respect of that  building to ensure fire and life safety in terms with National Building Code and relevant building by-laws of the local municipal authorities.
Step 5Then inspecting officer will forward the same to the DFO for necessary approval.
Step 6After being satisfied that the fire and life safety measures suggested by the inspecting officer are adequate and appropriate the DFO Fire Service will issue the Fire Safety Certificate. In case of high rise and high risk building DFO will forward the application to the Deputy Director without issuing certificate. After checking the application details Deputy Director will forward the application to Director and Director will issue Fire Safety Certificate.
Step 7After issuing Fire Safety Certificate, applicant can download it from the applicant’s dashboard.