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Fire & Emergency Services, Govt. Of West Bengal

Safety measures to be taken for Highrise Building

  1. There should be at least two number of staircase and refuge area where applicable shall be provided
  2. Underground water reservoir of adequate quantity water along with replenishment arrangement shall be provided in each residential building.
  3. Staircase, Lobby, Lift Lobby and refuge area should be free from any type of obstruction. If you are a resident of a tall building ensure your safety by familiarisation with the escape routs. Always keep clear the means of escape. Provide emergency illumination in escape route.
  4. Don't store petrol, spirit or any hazardous articles in dwelling places.
  5. In case of any multi-storied building or industry, don't forget to provide proper fire protection arrangement along with adequate pressure fed water supply. Every occupant should be well acquainted in handling the First Aid Fire Fighting installation available in the building. Entire building shall be provided with pressurized fixed installation system as per recommendation. At least two Pumps, electrical & diesel driven type along with Jockey pump in a pump house shall be incorporated with the protection system and to be maintained regularly.
  6. Alternative staircases for reaching all the floors of a multi-storied building are must-Don't forget it
  7. Practice "Fire drill" as routine work. Keep appropriate fire extinguishing equipment ready at home.
  8. If you are trapped in a smoke filled room get down on all floors and crawl to a safe area. Crawling helps you remain in a relatively smoke-free zone which exists 12" x 24" above ground level. Cover your mouth and nose with a wet cloth if possible. Even clear air is not very safe as it could contain Carbon-monoxide which affects, judgement and hampers escape.
  9. Your very first precaution starts with the gas appliances. Buy only a ISI certified gas stove. The next is proper use. To light burner, first check that the burner knobs are closed. Check for gas leakage. If there is no foul smell, turn on the cylinder valve. Then light a match and hold it near the burner. Turn the burner knob with the other hand.
  10. All the electrical circuits are designed to carry a specific amount of load. If it exceeds, heat is generated. Be alert to avoid excessive lead, poor quality materials, bad workmanship etc. to avert fire.
  11. In the event of big fire in your house, alert everyone to leave at once. Do not wait to collect your papers or possessions. Use stairways, not lifts while moving out. Once out, contact the Fire Brigade immediately.
  12. Evacuate two floors above and one floor below the floor in which there is fire. Consult Fire Service Department for safety precautions of the building as well as inmates.
  13. Use staircase only to come out from the building not lifts. Before leaving the place of fire, close the door before you if possible the windows too try to use the staircase. Don't try to go on roof. Don't take shelter in the bathroom or a like places. Avoid running walk. Wait in the safe area at ground floor until counting.
  14. If it is not possible to leave the room—draw attention and inform your existence to the ground people by whatever means.
  15. All electrical installation shall be 'Mega Tested' annually.
  16. Children should be allowed to burn fire works with the guidance of parents.
  17. Children should be educated regarding fire safety.
  18. Temporary Structure should be made Fire proof.